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GBV In The Forest

In the Forest, we're all about creating a safe and supportive space for everyone. Gender-based violence (GBV) is a serious issue that can have a harmful impact on mental health. Let's shine a light on this topic together and explore how we can support each other through understanding and compassion. Remember, you're never alone in the Forest.

1 week from now @ 20:00
Hosted on Thursday by Sizwe Savale
South Africa
Brotherhood Connect series | Redefining Masculinity: Embracing Authenticity and Vulnerability with Xavien Myles
Discover the significance of authenticity and vulnerability in personal development and relationships. Learn how these qualities can foster deeper connections, emotional well-being, and a more balanced life. Xavien Myles will provide insights and practical strategies for men to navigate societal expectations and break free from traditional stereotypes. About Xavien: Xavien...

2 weeks from now @ 15:00
Hosted on Saturday by Carrie Hickman
South Africa United States of America
Breaking the Silence: Understanding Gender-Based Violence
Dive deep into the complexities of gender-based violence (GBV) to understand its root causes and widespread impact. This session will explore societal, cultural, and individual factors that perpetuate GBV and discuss effective ways to foster dialogue and prevention. Carrie Hickman is a wellness strategist that specialises in increasing awareness around...

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