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Protecting your data

Security Hub

October will never share your unique data with your employer or anyone else. We protect our users' information using the latest security standards.

October privacy promise

October will never share your private information with your employer or publicly. When we do show employers data, it's aggregated information for departments and companies.

SOC2 and HIPAA compliant

October is SOC2 and HIPAA-compliant. We take your data security seriously, and maintain the certifications to prove it. Business clients can request our SOC2 report.

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You only need an email address to signup, and can interact with the entire app through an alias (a nickname and an avatar), ensuring that no one knows who you are.

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Penetration testing

Audited by MWR

October performs routine penetration testing to ensure that our platform is secure and that our customers' data is protected. We are proud to have been audited by MWR InfoSecurity, a leading cyber-security firm.

Business clients may request a copy of our latest audit through their customer success team.


October is committed to protecting your privacy, and the safety and security of our users and corporate clients information. We have a number of policies in place to ensure that we are compliant with the latest data protection and privacy laws.

Policy Center

October's terms of service, privacy policy and more.

Personal Information Policy

At October, protecting the privacy and security of our users personal information is our top priority. This document outlines our data practices.
PI Policy

Third-Party Data Subcontractors

October's 3rd party sub processor or service provider list used to provide services to its customers.
3rd Party Subcontractors