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Personalized Care

October understands that each person's journey is unique, and what care they require is different. The October AI tailors interactions and content to suit you.

Precision, targeted care

Unique care for unique people

October's artificial intelligence (known as October AI or the October Companion) develops a deep understanding of every user - allowing us to treat every user as an individual.

Content for you.
October AI learns about you and your needs, and provides content that is tailored to you, and written specifically for you.
Personalized journey.
October AI learns about you and your needs, and provides content, recommendations and assessments that are tailored to you.
Chat to your companion.
October Companion is available for you to chat to, and will provide you with support and guidance.

Share yourself

Open line Forests

Forest sessions are never pre-recorded, they are live and interactive. You can share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with others in the forest, and the Forest evolves based on your input.

Open lines.
October hosts several open lines with no defined topic where you can discuss anything on your mind. Should you want a private session you can book a 1:1 therapist or use a text-based chat support session.
Professionals in every session.
Every Forest session has a trained mental health professional managing it, and they are available to chat to you. They will also be able to provide you with suggested next steps, whether you should consider a 1:1 therapy session, and so on.
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