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October Health is your ultimate solution to take control of your mental health. Get access to tailored content, assessments, and 1:1 therapy, all through a user-friendly mobile app. Join anonymous group sessions in the Forest and learn from others on topics ranging from anxiety to depression.

Take care of yourself with October Health, the modern mental wellness platform.

Reach your mental well-being goals

High engagement with October leads to better outcomes for high and low risk users.

Utilization vs traditional EAPs
monthly improvement for engaged users
Of engaged users improve their well-being

Focused on you

October for Individuals

Take control of your mental well-being with October.

Digital Group Sessions
Join safe and anonymous live group sessions on various mental health topics with October's Forest.
Track Your Journey
October offers tools to assess and track mental well-being objectively, ensuring optimal mental health and well-being.
Tailored Content
Access self-guided content on mental well-being topics through October's library of resources, including content just for you.
1:1 Therapy
Get personalized care and support with registered professionals, including psychologists, coaches, and therapists.

Become proactive

Being proactive about mental healthcare is crucial for a happier, healthier life. Just like you use the gym for your body, October is the gym for your mind.

Proactive care helps prevent severe problems, boosts resilience, and reduces stigma. Taking care of our mental health can be just as exciting as caring for our physical health, as it enables us to live life to the fullest and overcome any challenge. So why wait? Prioritize your mental health today and unleash your full potential!

Precision, targeted care

Unique care for unique people

Your own personal AI mental wellness coach is waiting for you in the October app.

Content for you.
October AI learns about you and your needs, and provides content that is tailored to you, and written specifically for you.
Personalized journey.
October AI learns about you and your needs, and provides content, recommendations and assessments that are tailored to you.
Chat to your companion.
October Companion is available for you to chat to, and will provide you with support and guidance.

Share yourself

Open line Forests

Forest sessions are never pre-recorded, they are live and interactive. You can share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with others in the forest, and the Forest evolves based on your input.

Open lines.
October hosts several open lines with no defined topic where you can discuss anything on your mind. Should you want a private session you can book a 1:1 therapist or use a text-based chat support session.
Professionals in every session.
Every Forest session has a trained mental health professional managing it, and they are available to chat to you. They will also be able to provide you with suggested next steps, whether you should consider a 1:1 therapy session, and so on.
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