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Real-time business intelligence on employee mental wellness, team and corporate culture and performance with AI-driven insights.

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Lead the way

Predictive care for high performance.

October Insights provides live analysis of employee wellness and performance with percentile driven benchmarking and actionable insights.

Stop your losses
14.5% of work hours are lost due to mental health. Up to 60% of resignations associate mental health or bad workplace culture with their reasons for leaving.
Proven proactive care
October is proven to improve the life satisfaction and work performance or longevity of high risk and low risk staff. High engagement with October leads to a 15% month-on-month improvement.
Live insights
October rapidly assesses the mental wellbeing and culture of a workplace, identifying flight risk for top performers, performance risk, burnout triggers and more.
Precision platform
October provides AI-individualized per-human care, and uses its precision platform to deliver predictive mental health care for your highest performing teams.

Reduce churn

Keep your top employees

60% of resignations associate mental health or bad workplace culture with their reasons for leaving.

Understand culture:
Track and analyze flight risk indicators like burnout, self-esteem issues, communication problems and more with detailed analytics and proactive interventions automatically delivered by October.
Individualized care:
October develops a fingerprint for every staff member, and understands what care will help them live a healthy and happy life, while enabling or elongating their best performance at work.
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Keep a finger on the pulse

Track staff's aggregated scores daily

October lets you see your staff daily scores as they move, allowing you to better track and invest in their wellness and understand flight risk.

“October led to a 15% month-on-month improvement for users who joined twice a week”

James Gaylard – Data scientist
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The world's most innovative companies use October


Thousands of topics

Content at your fingertips

Access our library of thousands of topics, from anxiety to sleep, and everything in between. Something missing? Let the October AI customize a content piece for your business.

Ready to share.
October provides ready-to-share content for your staff and managers, supercharging your HR department.
Custom generated.
Create content that specifically focuses on the weaknesses in your workplace, or the stresses your employees feel.
Unlimited usage.
October clients can use as much content as they need, with no limits, and generate thousands of custom handouts.
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Superpowers for your HR team

Automate slow tasks

The October Insights portal understands your business and your employees, and takes care of planning office events, social posts, and more for all the important days.

Automated ideas and plans.
October Insights will automatically generate ideas and plans for upcoming special days in your location.
Customized emails.
Start with a template and customize it to your liking, October Insights generates the perfect company email for every occasion.
Social media.
What should the company tweet for important calendar days? October Insights will generate the perfect social media post for you.
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“Through October we continue to draw insights to understand where to bolster support and to design a fit for purpose well-being plan for the year.”

Palesa Ntoagae
Director of Human Resources, Johannesburg Stock Exchange

“We now understand what wellbeing challenges are most important to our staff and can craft specialised interventions with the October team [..]The entire October team is a pleasure to deal with”

Daniella Frank
National Employee Engagement Manager, Mazars

“In as much as I love the app, and I love it a lot, I think the most stand out feature of the service has been the support we have received from the October team [..] has been the difference between it being limp on inception, and it being the success it was!”

Gen Brand
HR Director, SAPRO

Trained on your company

AI for your people

Get direct access to the October Companion, our AI assistant that will help you with optimizing your HR workflow, dealing with difficult issues and ensuring staff get the best care.

The October Companion is your businesses personal AI, trained on your users' and company's data to help you invest in your employees.

  • Write job descriptions. The October Companion can write JD's, PIP's and estimate salaries for roles in your business.
  • Answer tough questions. Ask our trained mental well-being AI anything you need at any time.
  • Diagnose teams. The October Companion provides detailed diagnosis for performance issues in teams, and how to solve them.

Small HR team? No problem.

Supercharge what you can achieve with the October Companion, help your staff and help your business.

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