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October Effect

How effective is October?

High engagement with October leads to a 15% month-on-month improvement in risk signals.

High impact, loved by users

October has the highest utilization in the market, driven by highly effective care.

Average business staff utilization
Monthly improvement for engaged users
Of engaged users improve their well-being
October Circle
High risk and low risk

October improves life satisfaction for high risk users by 10% per month. Low risk users improve by 5% per month, while low-risk control groups decline on average.

High engagement high outcome

Engaging with October Forests 3 times per week leads to a 6% month-on-month improvement, while 8 times per week leads to a 15% month-on-month improvement.

PHQ9 improvement

Users with at least 2 Forest sessions between PHQ9 assessments show a 1.1 point improvement, while control group members decline by 1.5 points on average.

Retention impact

Mental health and workplace issues are the top reasons for attrition. Focused mental well-being helps staff to stay productive at their company.

Presenteeism and Absenteeism

October reduces presenteeism and absenteeism significantly for active users, and drives high returns with its high engagement rates across business users.

Chosen by Users

High engagement is key to analysis and proactive intervention, and users choose October more than competing solutions. October averages over 45% utilization across all business clients.

How much additional value does October deliver to your staff?

October takes care beyond traditional EAPs, to an employee wellness and organizational effectiveness platform that drives real value for your business. Improving and proactively managing employee mental health leads to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce that can sustain high performance without burnout.

50 10,000

October utilization

more employees utilize care yearly with October vs EAPs.

Work hours increased

additional days of work per year with October vs EAPs.

Less resignations

less staff resign per year with October vs EAPs.

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The world's most innovative companies use October


Keep a finger on the pulse

Track staff scores daily

October lets you see your staff's aggregated daily scores as they move, allowing you to better track and invest in their wellness and understand flight risk.

“October led to a 15% month-on-month improvement for users who used the app twice a week”

James Gaylard – Mathematician
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Companies lose over 14% of work hours a month to poor performance directly related to mental health.

October is proven to increase productivity and mental well-being, mitigating the effect of presenteeism, absences and side effects such as burnout.

This cost alone drives a positive ROI from investing in October for your business, but the benefits don't stop there.

Of teams say mental health is negatively affecting revenue
Of employees say mental health has hurt their performance in the last 12 months

Work/life balance and mental well-being is consistently rated in the top 3 things that attract staff under 35.

October reduces staff churn by up to 40% and helps businesses to be seen as an employer of record.

Did you know? October clients are more often rated in the top companies to work for, and receive better ratings on job sites such as Glassdoor.

of people under 40 have quit a job due to mental health
of exit interviews associate culture or mental health as a primary reason for leaving

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. A positive culture is the foundation of a successful business, and the performance of staff.

October tracks team culture, management efficiency, and staff well-being, providing actionable insights to improve the primary drivers of culture in your business.

Did you know? Turnover rates at companies with a strong culture average 14.9%, compared to 48.4% at companies with a weak culture.

of employees report unmanaged culture issues on their teams
percentage that engaged employees outperform their peers

Leaders are promoted based on their technical skills, but 90% of their success is based on their emotional intelligence.

October upskills leaders to better handle the dynamics of team management, and the impact of mental well-being on individuals and their teams.

Did you know? For every $1 that employers invest in mental health support, they can expect a return of $5 in reduced absenteeism, presenteeism, and staff turnover.

of managers feel unprepared to manage team mental health
of high-growth company leaders say mental health is critical

A personalized AI coach for every single staff member, and science-based per person mental care.

October provides direct 1-on-1 coaching plans for every staff member, based on their individual needs and goals. From goal-setting to productivity, difficult conversions to team dynamics, October is there to help.

Did you know? 70% of individuals who receive coaching report improvements in work performance, communication skills, and relationships.

average return to companies investing in coaching
of individuals receiving coaching report improved work performance

Majority of interventions for burnout happen too late, costing people their jobs and companies their best talent.

October provides proactive care to low and high risk staff, allowing high touch training and interventions long before burnout happens.

Did you know? 80% of workers say they feel stress on the job, with 25% saying work is the biggest source of stress in their lives.

months of sick leave per burnout incident
of employees feel at risk of burnout

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