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October partners with companies that help our users to take care of their emotional wellbeing. These select businesses offer discounts and rewards to our users, and we are proud to work with them.

“I am so inspired by the work that Alon and the team at October are doing to elevate and empower individuals regarding mental health. We believe in a holistic and all-encompassing approach to wholeness; a combination of dietetics, nutrition, DNA, rebounding as a form of exercise, Body Kind as an element of outward expression of that transformation commitment, and now, with October, we close that circle with your mental wellbeing. Identifying if you do suffer from a mental health challenge through to the professional support offered, all via a mobile app, is unique in South Africa. We pray that this partnership with October helps and enables each of you to ultimately live the best versions of self.”

Lisa Raleigh

“Garmin is proud to join hands with October in an effort to empower individuals to be more proactive in their mental health journey. We believe our technology could further the incredible work already done by October in helping the everyday individual with their mental health care.”


“At Mbiri we have always believed in caring for one self not only on the outside but also the inside, our skin is the protective layer that the world sees but how are we caring for what is happening on the inside? By partnering with October we are able to explore the necessary tools to live comfortably and happily in our own skin just as we were meant to - celebrating all parts of ourselves.”


Featured Partner: Lisa Raleigh

Whether you’re a health guru looking to broaden your horizons, or the newbie dipping your toes into the pool of healthy possibilities, Lisa Raleigh is your personal wellness haven with plenty of resources designed to help you change, grow and shine. Because life is for thriving, not merely surviving.

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