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The Forest is here for you

Come and join any one of our focused sessions in the Forest where you can choose from hundreds of options, ranging from anxiety to work stress, the pressures of being a student to parenting challenges.

There are Forest sessions for everyone.

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Monthly Open Line Parent Support Group for...

Join Parent Reality as they unpack the unique challenges and circumstances parents of children with special needs have. This session is open to parents to...

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Digital Group Sessions

The October Forest is a set of ever-changing live sessions that happen 7 days a week to help with mental well-being. Our core app offering is focused on interactive audio-only and chat enabled live sessions:

  • Peer-led support groups with individuals who are facing similar challenges, normalizing issues and provide users with support from a group of like-minded peers
  • Expert-led psycho-educational sessions which will provide users with an entry point to better understand mental health and engage directly with an expert

October calls these digital group sessions the Forest, and we cannot wait to see you there!

Live and interactive

Forest sessions are live, with real community members and experts. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and get support from others. They are not recorded, so you can feel safe and be present.

Free for all

Sign up today and join the forest without any commitment or payment. There are sessions every hour every day from 08h00-22h00 (GMT+2), covering a wide variety of topics including open lines.

Anonymous and under your control

By default you are an anonymous nickname, simply listening in to a group session. You can then choose to type, or even ask for the mic, but are under no obligation to speak if you don't want to.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How many Forest sessions run a day?
A minimum of 14 sessions per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. October adds additional sessions depending on user demand and platform usage.
Is the Forest free?
Yes, the standard Forest is free to join. Business clients have additional private Forest sessions available, but the primary October Forest is open for all.
How much data does the Forest use?
It depends on the content and amount of attendees, but typically around 60mb per hour. You can listen to around 20 hours of Forest sessions for 1GB of data.
What do users see about me?
When you join, only your avatar is visible to other users. If you type anything in the chat, only your nickname is visible to other users.
What languages are available?
The Forest is currently only available in English. We are working on adding additional languages in the future.
Why is the Forest free?
The world is dealing with a mental health pandemic, and two of the biggest challenges to treatment are the cost and not knowing how to interact with the system. The Forest helps people to explore and learn about their mental well-being, and we want to make it as accessible as possible.