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Loneliness In The Forest

Welcome to the Forest, where we grow together through shared experiences and support. Loneliness can sometimes wander in like an unexpected visitor, bringing feelings of isolation and disconnection. It's like a cloud that can dim our inner light. In the Forest, we can explore ways to nurture meaningful connections and cultivate a sense of community to help brighten those lonely moments. Let's walk this path together.

1 hour from now @ 22:00
Hosted on Wednesday by Carrie Hickman
South Africa United States of America
Alone in a Crowd: Exploring Loneliness and Isolation
Despite being surrounded by people, many individuals experience profound loneliness and isolation. In this enlightening talk, we'll explore the roots of loneliness, its impact on mental health, and strategies for combating feelings of isolation. Carrie Hickman is a wellness strategist that specialises in increasing awareness around mental wellness strategies, development...

1 week from now @ 15:00
Hosted on Friday by Natasha Moses
South Africa United States of America
Lonlieness and Social Connections
Exploring Loneliness and Social Connections delves into the causes and effects of loneliness, the importance of social connections, and strategies for building meaningful relationships. Insights and practical advice to improve their social well-being and combat feelings of isolation will also be discussed. Natasha, a seasoned mental health therapist, specializes in...

2 weeks from now @ 20:00
Hosted on Friday by ShenaazMoos
South Africa United States of America
Alone in the Crowd: Combating Loneliness
Explore the paradox of feeling lonely in densely populated urban environments. This session offers strategies for engaging with community spaces, leveraging technology positively, and creating initiatives that bring people together in meaningful ways within cities. Shenaaz is a registered counselor who is passionate about increasing consciousness of individuals so that...

2 weeks from now @ 18:00
Hosted on Saturday by Danielle Goede
South Africa United States of America
From Isolation to Inspiration: Transforming Loneliness through Creative Expression
Discover how creative activities like writing, painting, or music can be therapeutic tools for those experiencing loneliness. This session explores how channeling feelings of solitude into creativity can not only alleviate loneliness but also boost mental health and personal growth. Danielle Goede is an HR professional with a passion for...

2 weeks from now @ 11:00
Hosted on Sunday by ShenaazMoos
South Africa United States of America
Feeling Lonely Even Though You're Not Alone?
Understand the complexities of loneliness and learn strategies for fostering connection and fulfillment, even in times of solitude. Shenaaz is a registered counselor who is passionate about increasing consciousness of individuals so that they live an authentic life, filled with self love, self acceptance and self compassion. Life blossoms with...

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