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Special Needs In The Forest

Hello and welcome to the Forest! In our digital group therapy sessions, we value inclusivity and understanding for all individuals, including those with special needs. We recognize that special needs can present unique challenges, and our dedicated mental health professional is here to help navigate and support you on your journey to well-being. Remember, in the Forest, we embrace diversity and aim to create a safe space for everyone to explore their mental health.

3 weeks from now @ 19:00
Hosted on Saturday by Bulelwa Mahura
South Africa
Monthly Support Group for Caregivers and Family Members of Individuals with Disabilities with Bulelwa Mahura
Caring for a disabled loved one can be a rewarding yet challenging journey, often accompanied by a range of emotions, responsibilities, and unique circumstances. This support group aims to provide a compassionate and understanding environment where you can find solace, empathy, and practical guidance. A little about Bulelwa: Bulelwa Mahura...

1 month from now @ 19:00
Hosted on Monday by Desirae
South Africa
Open Line Parent Support for Parents with Special Needs Children with Desirae Pillay
Join Parent Reality as they unpack the unique challenges and circumstances parents of children with special needs have. This session is open to parents to find a community and connection. A little about Desirae Pillay: Desirae is in full-time ministry for families who have a child or spouse with special...

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