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Dealing With Loss In The Forest

Welcome to the peaceful sanctuary of the Forest. Today, we explore the delicate topic of dealing with loss, a challenge that can weigh heavy on our hearts. But fear not, for in this safe space, surrounded by supportive souls, we can navigate the journey of healing together. Let's embrace the process with compassion and understanding.

4 days from now @ 17:00
Hosted on Saturday by Sarah Kabengele
South Africa United States of America
Navigating the Waves of Grief: Understanding Its Many Forms
This session explores the diverse and often unpredictable experiences of grief. It aims to validate the wide range of emotions and responses that come with losing a loved one, challenging the traditional stages of grief model and offering a more personalized understanding of the grieving process. Sarah is a mental...

6 days from now @ 01:00
Hosted on Tuesday by Zoila Bartra
South Africa United States of America
Navigating the Journey of Grief
Navigate the turbulent waters of grief with compassion and understanding, exploring the stages of mourning and strategies for coping with loss. Discover pathways to finding solace, creating meaning, and honoring the memory of loved ones as you embark on the journey towards healing. Zoila is a dedicated and compassionate Peer...

1 week from now @ 14:00
Hosted on Saturday by Kaylee Julian
South Africa United States of America
Memory as Medicine: Keeping Loved Ones Alive Through Storytelling
Learn about the therapeutic power of storytelling in coping with loss. Speakers share how revisiting and sharing memories can provide comfort, affirm the value of the deceased, and aid in the emotional healing process. Kaylee is a counselor with a passion for children, adolescents, but also works with adults, and...

1 week from now @ 15:00
Hosted on Sunday by Reoikantse Shadi
South Africa United States of America
Finding a New Normal: Life After Loss
Discuss strategies for adapting to life after a significant loss. This presentation offers guidance on navigating the practical and emotional challenges of redefining one’s life and identity in the absence of a loved one, focusing on growth, resilience, and the gradual journey towards finding joy again. Reo is a registered...

2 weeks from now @ 22:00
Hosted on Wednesday by Micaela Kotzé
South Africa United States of America
Navigating the Waves of Grief: Understanding Your Emotional Journey
Explore the complex emotions of grief and learn to navigate its unpredictable waves. This session offers insights into the grieving process, helping attendees understand their feelings and the non-linear path of grief recovery Micaela is a Registered Wellness Counselor who is passionate about helping people navigate their way through life’s...

3 weeks from now @ 19:00
Hosted on Thursday by Kavisha Chandrakassi
South Africa
Monthly Support Group for Navigating Grief and Ambiguous Loss
This group recognizes that grief is a non-linear, often complex journey, especially when facing losses that are less defined or remain unresolved. Whether you're grappling with the loss of a relationship, changes in health, or other life transitions, join us for a compassionate space to navigate these challenging emotions. About...

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