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1 week from now 2024-05-28 12:30

Gibs Closed Forest sessions: Finding Strength in Unity: Coping with Loss as a Team | Part 3

In the wake of a significant loss within the Gibs team, we invite you to join a special session titled "Finding Strength in Unity: Coping with Loss as a Team." Led by clinical psychologist Zamo Mbele, this session provides a compassionate space for collective healing and navigating the complexities of grief. Together, we will honor our colleagues' memories and draw on the power of unity to support each other through this difficult journey of healing. Zamo Mbele, a registered clinical psychologist based in Johannesburg, South Africa, brings over a decade of experience in the public mental health sector to his role at Panda. As a senior psychotherapist and supervisor at respected mental health institutions, he offers valuable insights and support in our healing process.

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Zamo Mbele
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South Africa

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What will we cover?

Collective healing after loss within the Gibs team.
This session provides a compassionate space for the Gibs team to come together, honor their colleagues' memories, and support each other through the journey of healing, fostering collective healing after loss.
Navigating complexities of grief in a compassionate space.
This session provides a supportive environment led by an experienced psychologist to help navigate the complexities of grief together.
Honoring colleagues' memories together for support and healing.
This session with Zamo Mbele helps by creating a supportive environment where team members can come together to honor their colleagues' memories and find strength in unity during the healing process.
Drawing on unity to strengthen and uplift each other.
This session helps by fostering connection and mutual support among team members to navigate the challenges of grief together.

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