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Meet October Health! The New Face Of Panda.

October Health, evolving from Panda, is more than just a new name—it's a symbol of hope and a commitment to positive change. Inspired by a deeply personal story, our co-founder Allan Sweidan chose this name in memory of his brother Kevin, who tragically lost his life in October 20 years ago due to the opioid crisis. This loss impacted Allan deeply and ignited a passion for ensuring that families get the support that he felt his brother never received.

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October, Global Mental Health Awareness month, a time of transformation, represents our mission to offer scalable and proactive solutions for mental health challenges. At October Health, we believe in the power of accessible, comprehensive care for everyone. Our approach is not just about treatment, but about prevention, education, and continuous support, ensuring that individuals don't have to face their struggles alone.

As we transition, our core values remain steadfast, yet we're enhancing our focus towards performance psychology. This shift underscores our commitment to not only address mental health challenges but also to empower individuals and organizations to achieve optimal mental well-being and performance. By integrating performance psychology principles, we're broadening our approach to encompass a proactive investment in mental fitness, mirroring the dedication one would have towards physical fitness.

Our platform, built on the pillars of empathy, innovation, and resilience, is designed to reach people at all stages of their mental health journey. By leveraging technology and AI, we're breaking down barriers and making mental health care more accessible than ever before. October Health stands as a beacon of hope, embodying the positive change that can emerge from personal tragedy. We're dedicated to transforming the landscape of mental health care, ensuring that the legacy of Allan's brother lives on in every life we touch and every community we support.

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