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Support staff through S189 retrenchment

It's an unprecedented time for businesses and employees alike, and we're here to help. October provides a focused S189 solution to support staff and assist them with counselling, placements, CV writing, training, mental health support and more.

Challenges of retrenchments

Most organizations do not handle retrenchments well

This can lead to a loss of trust and loyalty from employees and trust from the public. October is here to help you through this difficult time.

Lack of Communication
Only 30% of employees believe their organization effectively communicates during a workforce reduction process and 72% of employees felt their company didn't provide enough information or support during a layoff.
Damage to Employer Brand and Reputation
71% of employees would be less likely to recommend their company as a place to work after a layoff or restructuring. 39% of employees would no longer purchase products or services from a company that recently laid off a significant number of employees.
Negative Impact on Employee Performance
Downsizing has a detrimental effect on the productivity and commitment of remaining employees. 59% of HR executives reported a decline in employee performance after layoffs.
Emotional Impact
Layoffs and organizational changes lead to increased stress levels, depression, and decreased job satisfaction among the remaining employees.

Everything you need

Support your staff as they transition

We provide a comprehensive suite of services to support your staff as they transition to new businesses. Our services are designed to help your staff find new jobs quickly and easily, while minimizing the impact on your business.

AI Coaching.
Provide unlimited 1:1 coaching to affected staff with our AI-powered coaching platform.
Group Support.
October's digital support groups help your staff connect with others who are going through the same experience, with experts to guide them.
Recruitment Partners.
Connect your staff to October's recruitment partner network, who can be pre briefed on your staff's skills and experience.
CV Writing and Improvement.
Help staff to craft the perfect CV, improve their interview skills, ensure their CV is ATS compliant and more. Includes CV analyzer and strength finder.
Cover Letter Writer.
AI-powered cover letter writing tool that helps staff to craft the perfect cover letter for their job application, and scalable for your entire workforce.
Training Resources.
Audio books, e-books, courses and more on the top 20 in-demand skills in the industry from sustainability to digital marketing, project management to data science.

Panda's app in your staff's hands

People choose October more than any other mental health app

As a corporate client, every staff member will be able to use the October mobile app directly. October averages over 40% usage across business clients.

Forest Sessions

Users can join proactive group support sessions all day, focused on their individual needs - from anxiety to parenting.

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Precision Platform

October's precision app directs users to the right content at the right time for them, while tracking their progress.

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Direct 1:1 therapy and coaching

October business users can enable unlimited 1:1 care with a licensed therapist, with no per session or per user fees.

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Cheaper than coffee.

Invest in your staff, and your business.

October significantly improves retention and workplace performance, while costing less than almost any other retention or perk based product on the market.

Cost per employee per month. October price based on mid-size client, with standard package.

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