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Teen Suicide Prevention Week 2024

The teenage years bring a whirlwind of growth and challenges. It's a time when the nurturing of strong, empathetic relationships with our teens becomes more important than ever. As we observe Teen Suicide Prevention Week, we invite you to delve deeper into the ways we can create supportive networks and safe spaces essential for their well-being.

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Understanding their world, pressures, and the rapid societal changes they face is just the beginning. Panda's commitment to Teen Suicide Prevention Week, from 12 to 21 February, offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for both teens and parents. From managing the pursuit of perfection to processing grief, our sessions are designed to equip you with the skills to become a more understanding and empowered parent or guardian.

The journey towards fostering resilience, happiness, and health in our teens requires us to be proactive, well-informed, and full of heart. To continue reading about how you can play a pivotal role in this journey, click on the link to learn more and join us in making a lasting impact during this crucial week—and beyond."

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