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Work-Life Series: Elevate Your Profile : Presenting Yourself as a High-Value Employee

In this upcoming session, we will delve into strategies aimed at showcasing your skills, experience, and potential to differentiate yourself as a valuable contributor within your organization. Discover methods to refine your personal brand, effectively communicate your worth, and position yourself for advancement in your career. About Palesa: Palesa is devoted to assisting individuals and organizations in effectively conveying their messages. She excels in a variety of speaking engagements, ranging from keynote addresses to online training and television presentations. With a robust social media following and recognition as one of the Top 50 Most Memorable Women by TheFeatureMagazine 2023 in the Social Empowerment category, she brings a wealth of experience to empower and uplift others. Remember, October Health offers educational and supportive content and should not be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have clinical needs, it is essential to consult a licensed healthcare provider for appropriate assistance.

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What will we cover?

Showcasing skills and experience effectively in the workplace.
Attending this Forest session with Palesa can provide valuable insights on how to effectively communicate your skills and experience to stand out as a high-value employee in the workplace.
Refining personal brand for career advancement opportunities.
Attending this session will help you optimize your presentation of skills and experience to stand out as a valuable asset in your career growth.
Communicating your value as a high-value employee.
This session helps individuals learn strategies to effectively communicate their skills and worth to stand out as a valuable employee within their organization.
Positioning for career growth with practical strategies and tips.
This session helps with positioning for career growth by providing practical strategies and tips to showcase your value within your organization.