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2 weeks from now 2024-07-29 18:00

HerHealth Conversations with Dr. Gail Ashford

Join our upcoming "HerHealth Conversations with Dr. Gail Ashford" session where women living with HIV can have their health-related questions answered by Dr. Gail, an experienced HIV clinician with a focus on empowering women. Dr. Gail will provide expert insights and guidance on topics such as health, future planning, fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Please remember that October Health offers educational content and support, but it's important to seek professional help for clinical needs. If in an emergency, contact your nearest emergency department or use the app's emergency button.

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Caden De Villiers
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South Africa

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What will we cover?

Health-related questions answered by experienced HIV clinician.
This session provides women living with HIV the opportunity to get expert guidance and insights from an experienced HIV clinician, Dr. Gail Ashford, on various health-related topics.
Expert insights on health, future planning, fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding.
Attending "HerHealth Conversations with Dr. Gail Ashford" provides valuable expert advice and guidance on important women's health topics, supporting attendees with health-related questions and empowering them with knowledge.
Empowering women living with HIV through expert guidance.
This session provides expert guidance on health-related topics to empower women living with HIV.
Educational support with focus on women's health empowerment.
This session provides educational support by empowering women living with HIV to ask health-related questions and receive expert insights from Dr. Gail Ashford, focusing on topics such as future planning, fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

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