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Caden De Villiers

Are you a fan of Caden De Villiers? Here are all the upcoming sessions for you to join!

2 hours from now // 2024-07-24 20:00
Parenting Practice Series: Raising Successful Children
Explore the essential principles and practical strategies for fostering success in children. This session delves into effective parenting techniques, nurturing resilience, fostering independence, and cultivating a growth mindset. Laura is a PCI Certified Parent Coach® based in Cape Town, with a background in law and psychology, including an LLB and...

5 days from now // 2024-07-29 20:00
Work-Life Series: Navigating Career Growth in a Dynamic Workplace with Kerren Walbrugh
Explore strategies and insights for advancing your career amidst rapid workplace changes. This session covers adapting to evolving roles, leveraging opportunities for skill development, building a strong professional network, and maintaining resilience in a dynamic environment. Kerren works with global People and Culture Teams, setting and steering people, talent management...

6 days from now // 2024-07-30 20:00
Women Series: The Unstoppable Spirit: Embracing Rejection and Rising Above with Lesego Matlou
Discover the power of resilience and determination in overcoming setbacks and rejection. This session explores practical strategies to embrace rejection as a stepping stone to growth, cultivate a resilient mindset, and harness rejection as fuel for personal and professional success. Lesego is a multi-talented individual with a background in law...

1 week from now // 2024-07-31 20:00
Parenting Practice Series: Single Parenting and Dating
This session explores practical tips and insights on managing time, communicating with children about dating, navigating relationships as a single parent, and maintaining self-care. Palesa Morabe is a Mom, Author and Social Entrepreneur who is passionate about self-improvement as a tool for healing, growing and blooming. Lindiwe Konese is an...

1 week from now // 2024-08-01 19:00
Breastfeeding Week special session: Prioritizing Sleep-Essential Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers
This session explores the unique challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers in achieving adequate rest while balancing infant care demands. Louise Wyma, a mother of three, underwent a challenging breastfeeding journey with her first child. Discovering La Leche League during her second pregnancy provided her with evidence-based advice and support that...

1 week from now // 2024-08-02 19:00
Breastfeeding Week Special session: The All-in-One Mothering Tool
Join us for a special session during Breastfeeding Week as we celebrate the incredible journey of breastfeeding. Leonor is a mother of 3 busy boys. Currently residing in Port Elizabeth, she is juggling the demands of her young family while helping mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals. In her free time...

1 week from now // 2024-08-05 20:00
Work-life series: Addressing Needs in the Workplace with Tebogo Molobye
Join us for an engaging session on effectively communicating and addressing needs in the workplace. Learn practical strategies to advocate for yourself, enhance team dynamics, and foster a supportive work environment. Tebogo is a certified Growth and Transformation Coach specializing in Integrated Attachment Theory (IAT). With a focus on unlocking...

2 weeks from now // 2024-08-07 20:00
Parenting Practice series: Courageous Parenting with Francesca Chetwin
Learn strategies for raising resilient, confident children while maintaining your own well-being. Discover how to navigate difficult conversations, set healthy boundaries, and foster a nurturing environment for your family. Francesca Chetwin is a registered Clinical Psychologist practicing in Greenside, Johannesburg. Known for her warm and compassionate approach, Francesca brings a...