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Sleep plays a crucial role in both productivity and mental health. Lack of sleep can lead to decreased focus, attention, and cognitive abilities, which can negatively impact productivity. It can also lead to increased stress, irritability, and anxiety, affecting mental health. On the other hand, getting quality sleep can improve cognitive functioning, mood regulation, and overall well-being, leading to increased productivity and better mental health. It is important to prioritize getting enough quality sleep to support both productivity and mental health.


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The Science of Slumber: Boosting Mental Wellbeing and Productivity in the Modern Workplace

The eBook explores the essential role of sleep in our lives, emphasizing its impact on mental wellbeing, cognitive performance, and workplace productivity. It delves into the science of sleep, the consequences of sleep deprivation, managing stress for better sleep, optimizing the sleep environment, and building healthy sleep habits. Each chapter provides valuable insights and practical strategies to help individuals achieve restorative sleep and enhance their overall performance in the workplace.

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1 day from now @ 09:00
Hosted on Tuesday by Lyr Weltsman
South Africa United States of America
The Science of Sleep for Anxiety Management
Discover how optimizing your sleep can help you better manage anxiety, as experts explain the science behind the relationship between quality sleep and serenity. Gain insights on improving your sleep habits for enhanced mental well-being and decreased anxiety levels. About Lyr: Lyr is a child, adolescent, and family counsellor with...
2 days from now @ 16:00
Hosted on Wednesday by Micaela Kotzé
South Africa United States of America
Hidden Struggles: High Functioning Depression
Explore the intricate challenges faced by individuals experiencing high-functioning depression, delving into strategies to navigate daily life while managing symptoms effectively for enhanced well-being and resilience. About Micaela: She is a Registered Wellness Counsellor who is passionate about helping people navigate their way through life’s troubles and the problems that...
5 days from now @ 09:00
Hosted on Saturday by Kaylee Julian
South Africa United States of America
The Blueprint for Beating Fatigue
Battling constant fatigue and inability to focus? Lack of sleep could be the culprit sabotaging your productivity and drive. About Kaylee: Kaylee is a counsellor with a passion for children, adolescents, but also works with adults, and offers relationship counselling. Her life purpose is to make the world a better...
1 week from now @ 07:45
Hosted on Tuesday by Marisa44
South Africa United States of America
Breath Awareness with Marisa
Explore the profound impact of breath awareness as a transformative skill, acting as a bridge between our conscious and unconscious minds. This session delves into understanding unconscious patterns and how awareness of them presents an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. About Marisa: Marisa is a curious, voyager on the...
1 week from now @ 01:00
Hosted on Thursday by Coach Megan Merchant
South Africa United States of America
From Tired to Inspired
Battling constant fatigue and inability to focus? Lack of sleep could be the culprit sabotaging your productivity and drive. About Megan Merchant: Megan is a USA National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a passion for Behavior Change, Stress Management, and Communication. October provides educational and supportive content only. It's...

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