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Parenting can have a significant impact on a child's mental well-being. Positive and nurturing parenting practices, such as showing love and support, setting boundaries, and providing a safe environment, can help children develop good self-esteem, emotional regulation, and resilience. On the other hand, adverse parenting experiences, such as neglect, abuse, or inconsistent discipline, can contribute to the development of mental health issues in children. Furthermore, parents' own mental well-being plays a crucial role in how they interact with their children. Parents who are struggling with their own mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, may find it challenging to provide the support and care that their children need. Overall, maintaining good mental well-being as a parent is important for creating a positive and healthy environment for children to thrive in. Seeking help and support when needed, practicing self-care, and working on developing positive parenting skills can all contribute to fostering a strong parent-child relationship and promoting mental well-being in the family.

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12 hours from now @ 17:00
Hosted on Thursday by Carrie Hickman
South Africa United States of America
Raising Resilient Teens
Explore empowering strategies for raising resilient teens, nurturing their ability to bounce back from challenges, cultivate self-confidence, and navigate adolescence with strength and adaptability. About Carrie: Carrie Hickman is a wellness strategist that specialises in increasing awareness around mental wellness strategies, development and growth. Her expertise lie in creating personal...
1 day from now @ 19:00
Hosted on Friday by Sasha Talia
South Africa United States of America
Parenting with Purpose: Nurturing Resilient Families
Discover empowering strategies for parenting with intention and fostering resilience in families with Sasha. About Sasha: Sasha is a counsellor in private practice with a passion for Abuse / Narcissism/ addiction/ pregnancy / trauma and depression. Her purpose is to guide people to be the best versions of themselves and...
1 day from now @ 20:00
Hosted on Friday by Kavisha Chandrakassi
South Africa
Biweekly Support Group for people navigating grief & loss: Understanding Grief and Loss with Kavisha Chandrakassi
An introduction to the grief process, types of grief, and common reactions to loss. This session can provide a foundational understanding for newcomers and a refresher for others. About Kavisha: Kavisha is a Registered Counsellor (HPCSA) who works with adolescents, adults, children, couples, elderly, groups, and young adults. Panda provides...
6 days from now @ 20:00
Hosted on Wednesday by HilanaVDL
South Africa United States of America
Parenting Practice Series: Nurturing Successful Student-Athletes Without the Burnout with Hilana
In this session, we will explore effective strategies for nurturing successful student-athletes while preventing burnout. We will discuss the importance of balancing academics, athletics, and personal well-being, and provide practical tips for fostering resilience, time management skills, and mental health support. About Hilana: Hilana is an industrial psychologist whose academic...
1 week from now @ 11:00
Hosted on Thursday by Kaylee Julian
South Africa United States of America
How to get out of a slump
If you're feeling stuck and unmotivated, join this session. We'll show you how to change your mindset. About Kaylee: Kaylee is a counsellor with a passion for children, adolescents, but also works with adults, and offers relationship counselling. Her life purpose is to make the world a better place by...

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