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1 week from now // 2024-07-01 10:00
Is it Sadness, or am I Depressed?
Sadness is part of the human condition, but when does it become a problem? Join the conversation as we discuss the difference between feeling sad and being depressed, and when you might need to get professional assistance. A dedicated and enthusiastic Specialist Wellness Counsellor, Cynthia assists clients with grief, trauma,...

2 weeks from now // 2024-07-02 10:00
The Anxious Achiever’s Survival Guide
For those who push themselves to the limit, this session explores the fine line between ambition and anxiety, offering advice on how to strive for success while maintaining mental and emotional health. Cynthia is a Specialist Wellness Counsellor, she assists clients with grief, trauma, mental health issues, and adjusting to...