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Sales Dev Representative (SDR) / Business Dev Representative (BDR)

  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Employment Type: Full-time

About Panda Health:

The world is suffering from a mental health pandemic. It will cost the world $16 trillion p.a. by 2030, and impacts almost 1 billion people annually. This pandemic is not only impacting individuals and families, but it also creates a massive burden on business. Panda aims to solve these problems.

Work Environment:

Panda has a WFH environment with 2 in-office days per week. We have an office in Johannesburg, and are hiring staff in Johannesburg for this role.

Job Summary:

Panda Health is seeking a highly motivated and results-driven Sales Development Representative (SDR) / Business Development Representative (BDR) to join our energetic sales team. As an SDR/BDR, you will play a crucial role in identifying and qualifying potential customers, creating new business opportunities, and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders. Your primary focus will be on generating leads, qualifying prospects, and engaging with decision-makers to drive sales growth.


  • Lead Generation: Conduct research and prospecting to identify potential customers within the target market segments using various channels, including online databases, social media, industry events, and cold calling.
  • Qualification and Discovery: Engage with prospects to understand their pain points, business needs, and buying potential. Qualify leads based on established criteria and ensure a smooth handoff to the sales team.
  • Pipeline Nurturing: Develop and maintain relationships with leads through consistent follow-ups, personalized emails, and targeted outreach. Nurture leads and build a strong sales pipeline for future opportunities.
  • Sales Process Management: Manage the entire inside sales process from initial contact to closing deals. Effectively utilize CRM tools to track customer interactions, record lead status, and manage pipeline progression.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate closely with the sales and marketing teams to align strategies, share insights, and optimize lead generation efforts. Provide feedback on lead quality and contribute to the development of effective sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Sales Intelligence: Utilize sales intelligence tools such as to gather relevant prospect information, track engagement metrics, and identify potential buying signals for more effective outreach.
  • Market Research: Stay updated on industry trends, competitor activities, and market dynamics to identify new opportunities and adjust sales strategies accordingly.
  • Reporting: Maintain accurate records of lead activities, sales metrics, and customer interactions. Generate regular reports to provide insights into lead generation effectiveness and contribute to sales forecasting.


  • Proven Experience: Minimum of 3 years of experience in B2B sales, preferably in a SaaS environment or related industry.
  • Cold Calling Expertise: Demonstrated experience in cold calling and effectively engaging with prospects to generate new leads.
  • CRM Management: Proficient in CRM management and pipeline tracking, with experience using platforms like Pipedrive, Salesforce, HubSpot, or similar tools.
  • Strong Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to articulate complex concepts effectively. Comfortable engaging with diverse stakeholders, including C-level executives.
  • Sales Funnel Knowledge: Solid understanding of top-of-funnel sales strategies, lead nurturing techniques, and the ability to qualify prospects based on predefined criteria.
  • Marketing Database Expertise: Familiarity with marketing databases and ability to leverage data to identify and target key prospects effectively.
  • Email Marketing Proficiency: Experience in crafting compelling email marketing campaigns and leveraging email automation tools to drive engagement and conversions.
  • Results-Oriented: Self-motivated and driven to exceed targets and achieve sales goals. Comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment with the ability to adapt to changing priorities.
  • Sales Intelligence Tools: Familiarity with sales intelligence tools like or similar platforms to gather prospect information, track engagement, and identify potential buying signals.

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