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Become a Better Team Player

Over four weeks, 'Become a Better Team Player' coaching course aims to help participants acquire skills and develop habits that are critical to becoming better team players, which includes collaboration, active listening, conflict resolution and effective communication to improve overall teamwork.

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What will be covered?

Collaboration skills: Participants will learn how to work effectively with others towards a common goal, including understanding team dynamics and leveraging individual strengths.
By participating in the coaching course on Becoming a Better Team Player, individuals will enhance their collaboration skills by learning how to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and cultivate a supportive team environment. They will also develop a deeper understanding of team dynamics and how to leverage the unique strengths of each team member to achieve shared objectives.
Active listening techniques: Participants will develop the ability to listen actively and empathetically to their team members, leading to better understanding and communication within the team.
By learning active listening techniques, participants can improve their communication skills and foster a more cohesive team dynamic. This can result in enhanced cooperation, reduced conflicts, and higher levels of trust among team members.

On average, companies see an ROI of 700% from coaching.

Coaching leads to an average ROI of almost 650% for executives and over 700% for managers and professionals, and organizational performance improvements of 45-50% for individuals, and 15-20% for teams.


Increase in retention

For staff having engaged in coaching.


Average ROI on coaching

For managers, executives and professionals.


Increase in team performance

For teams engaged in coaching programs.

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