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Press: SAICA CA(SA) shedding light on the growing mental health crisis and Panda's answer

SAICA SA has an excellent feature on Panda with Mandy Muchnick this week, covering how South Africa is suffering from a silent pandemic, a mental health crisis that seems to get worse every year.

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South Africa’s mental health crisis is costing the country around R232 billion a year due to lost productivity from employee absenteeism caused by stress, anxiety and depression

The post focuses on how the World Health Organization predicts that mental health issues will be the leading cause of disability globally by 2030, and only a small percentage of people in lower to middle income countries receive mental health care. The root causes of this limited access to care include stigma, cost, and a lack of trust and understanding. In the workplace, stress and anxiety are not being effectively managed and corporations need to play a more meaningful role in helping employees with their mental health.

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