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Unlearning Toxic Relationship Habits

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What we covered

Are you ready to break free from harmful relationship patterns and cultivate healthier connections? Our upcoming Forest session, titled "Unlearning Toxic Relationship Habits," is designed to help you identify and dismantle toxic behaviors that may be negatively impacting your relationships. Led by Aneeqa, our Special Wellness Counsellor, this session will provide valuable insights and strategies to support your journey towards building healthier, more fulfilling connections.

What to Expect

During the "Unlearning Toxic Relationship Habits" session, Aneeqa will guide participants through a series of discussions and activities aimed at promoting self-awareness, improving communication, and setting boundaries. Drawing from her expertise as an intersectional feminist researcher and her commitment to improving the well-being of diverse communities, Aneeqa will offer valuable perspectives and tools to aid in unlearning harmful relationship habits.

Key Strategies

1. Cultivating Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is a crucial component of identifying and unlearning toxic relationship patterns. By gaining insights into your behaviors, triggers, and emotional responses, you can begin to make conscious, positive changes in your relationships.

2. Establishing Healthier Communication

Effective communication is vital for healthy relationships. This session will provide practical strategies to enhance your communication skills, fostering understanding, empathy, and constructive dialogue with others.

3. Setting Boundaries for Healthier Connections

Learning to set and enforce clear boundaries is essential for fostering healthy relationships. Aneeqa will explore the importance of boundary-setting and provide guidance on how to establish and maintain boundaries in various contexts.

How October Can Support You

At October, we understand the importance of fostering mental well-being in the workplace. Our digital group sessions and supportive educational content can complement your journey towards healthier relationships. If you're interested in gaining further insights and support in this area, we encourage you to explore the resources available through October. Remember, while October provides valuable tools and support, it's not a replacement for professional treatment. For clinical needs or emergencies, please seek help from a licensed healthcare provider.


Join us for the "Unlearning Toxic Relationship Habits" session and take the first step towards breaking free from harmful relationship patterns. Together, we can cultivate self-awareness, improve communication, and set boundaries to foster healthier, more fulfilling connections. We look forward to having you join us for this important and empowering session.

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