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Unlearning The Fear Of Finances: A Healthy Approach

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What we covered

Are you ready to break free from the grip of financial stress and anxiety? Join us for Unlearning the Fear of Finances: A Healthy Approach, a transformative webinar aimed at helping you build a healthier relationship with your money and alleviate the burden of financial worries.

Hosted by Katlego, an intern clinical psychologist with a passion for psychotherapy, this interactive webinar will equip you with practical strategies to overcome financial stress and cultivate a positive mindset towards your finances.

What to Expect

During this enriching webinar, you can expect to:

  1. Identify Your Financial Triggers: Gain insight into your personal financial triggers and learn how to recognize and manage the emotional responses they elicit.

  2. Create a Path to Financial Wellness: Discover actionable steps to take control of your financial well-being, including budgeting, saving, and navigating financial setbacks.

  3. Change Your Money Mindset: Explore how to shift your perspective on money from one of fear and anxiety to one of empowerment and abundance.

  4. Improve Overall Well-being: Understand the interplay between financial health and overall well-being, and learn how adopting a healthier approach to finances can positively impact your mental and emotional wellness.

  5. Engage in Interactive Discussions: Participate in open discussions and exercises designed to deepen your understanding of your relationship with money and build a supportive community with fellow participants.

Your Host: Katlego

Katlego brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for helping individuals navigate the complexities of their mental health and well-being. With a focus on providing practical, evidence-based strategies, Katlego is committed to empowering participants to transform their relationship with their finances.


Remember that the content provided by October is for educational and supportive purposes only. For clinical needs, please seek help from a licensed healthcare provider.

Don't miss this opportunity to take a step towards a healthier, more positive relationship with your finances. Join us for Unlearning the Fear of Finances: A Healthy Approach and embark on a journey towards greater financial well-being and overall mental wellness.

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