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Redefining Coping: Transforming Unhealthy Habits Through Effective Communication

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What we covered

We are excited to announce an upcoming webinar on the topic of "Transforming Unhealthy Coping Habits through Effective Communication." This session will be facilitated by Angelo, a Registered Counselor specializing in Existential therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Date and Time: TBA

Angelo will guide participants through an exploration of effective communication strategies to address unhealthy coping habits. These strategies can help individuals express their needs, set boundaries, and resolve conflicts in a healthy and productive manner, ultimately enhancing mental and emotional well-being.

Unhealthy coping habits can manifest in various ways, such as avoiding difficult conversations, bottling up emotions, or engaging in passive-aggressive behavior. Through this webinar, participants will gain practical tools to navigate these challenges and transform their communication patterns for the better.

As we all know, effective communication is essential in all aspects of life, including the workplace. By learning to express needs and resolve conflicts productively, employees can experience improved mental well-being, reduced stress, and better working relationships.

October understands the importance of supporting employees' mental health, and this webinar aligns with our commitment to providing valuable resources for personal and professional growth. We believe that nurturing healthy communication habits can have a positive impact on workplace dynamics and overall employee well-being.

In addition to participating in this webinar, October offers digital group sessions, assessments, and content about mental health to further support employees in developing healthy coping strategies and improving their communication skills.

We highly encourage all our clients to join us for this insightful webinar, as we believe it will provide valuable tools and insights that can be applied both personally and within the workplace. Let's work together to redefine coping and transform unhealthy habits through effective communication.

Stay tuned for the official date and time of the webinar, and be sure to reserve your spot for this transformative session!

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