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New Beginnings: Creating Healthy Habits For Mental Wellness

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What we covered

Welcome to "New Beginnings: Cultivating Healthy Habits for Mental Wellness," an interactive Forest session led by Kavisha, a Registered Counsellor (HPCSA). This session is designed to provide insights and strategies for managing depression, fostering healthy habits, and building a foundation for improved well-being.

Embracing Change

Embarking on a path of new beginnings can be both exciting and daunting. It's natural to feel a range of emotions as you navigate changes in your life. Whether you're exploring a new career path, adjusting to a different work environment, or simply striving to enhance your mental wellness, it's important to approach new beginnings with a positive mindset.

At October, we understand the significance of supporting individuals during times of transition. Our digital group sessions and content are here to provide guidance and encouragement as you embark on your journey toward improved mental well-being.

Cultivating Healthy Habits

Creating healthy habits plays a pivotal role in nurturing mental wellness. Simple practices such as mindfulness, regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance can significantly impact your overall mental health. During this session, Kavisha will delve into practical strategies for cultivating these habits, empowering you to take proactive steps toward enhanced well-being.

Managing Depression

Depression can present unique challenges during periods of change, and it's essential to address these concerns with empathy and understanding. Kavisha will share insights on managing depression and fostering resilience as you navigate new beginnings. With her expertise, you'll gain valuable tools for coping with depressive symptoms and fostering a sense of hope for the future.

Accessing Supportive Resources

Remember, October provides educational and supportive content to complement your mental wellness journey. Our assessments and resources are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate life's changes with confidence. While our platform offers valuable guidance, it's important to note that we are not a replacement for professional advice. If you have clinical needs, we encourage you to seek support from a licensed healthcare provider. In emergencies, please prioritize your safety by contacting your nearest emergency department or using the emergency button on the app.


As you embark on your path of new beginnings, remember that you are not alone. By actively engaging with Kavisha's session and leveraging October's resources, you're taking a significant step toward prioritizing your mental wellness. Embrace the opportunity to cultivate healthy habits, gain valuable insights, and build a strong foundation for improved well-being. Your journey toward mental wellness begins here, and we're honored to support you every step of the way.

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