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Media Literacy Workshop: Deconstructing Unrealistic Beauty Standards

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What we covered

Are you tired of feeling pressured to conform to society's unrealistic beauty standards? Do you find yourself struggling with negative body image due to the media's portrayal of "perfection"? Join us for a workshop on media literacy, where we will deconstruct unrealistic beauty standards promoted by the media and equip you with tools to build resilience against negative body image influences.

About the Workshop

In today's digital age, the media bombards us with images and messages that shape our perception of beauty and influence our self-esteem. The workshop will provide a safe space to critically examine and challenge these unrealistic standards. Led by Tal, a Women's Wellness Specialist with expertise in Functional Medicine, this workshop will delve into the impact of media on body image and self-worth. Through engaging discussions and practical exercises, attendees will learn to develop a healthier relationship with their bodies and understand the importance of media literacy in promoting positive self-image.

What to Expect

During the workshop, participants can expect to:

  • Gain insights into how media perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards
  • Learn to identify and deconstruct harmful messages about body image
  • Acquire tools and strategies to develop resilience against negative beauty standards
  • Engage in open discussions and share personal experiences in a supportive environment
  • Walk away with actionable steps to nurture a positive body image and enhance overall well-being

About Tal

Tal is a Women's Wellness Specialist with a passion for empowering individuals to achieve physical and emotional well-being. With a background in Functional Medicine, she approaches wellness holistically, considering the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. Her dedication to promoting self-acceptance and embracing individual uniqueness makes her the ideal facilitator for this workshop.

October Support

At October, we understand the impact of societal beauty standards on mental health and well-being. Our digital group sessions and educational content are designed to provide support and guidance in navigating these challenges. If you or someone you know is struggling with body image concerns, consider exploring our resources for empowering insights and practical tools to promote self-love and body positivity.

Remember, while October provides educational and supportive content, it is not a substitute for professional help. For clinical needs, it’s important to seek assistance from a licensed healthcare provider. If you have an emergency, please contact your nearest emergency department or use the emergency button on our app.

Together, let's deconstruct unrealistic beauty standards and foster a culture of self-acceptance and empowerment. Join us in this transformative workshop and take the first step towards embracing your unique beauty, inside and out.

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