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Learning How To Assert Your Needs

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What we covered

Join us for the Forest session, "Learning How to Assert your Needs," where we will discuss the importance of setting boundaries and being assertive to protect mental health and well-being. Our dedicated speaker, Nancy, is a student-registered counsellor with a focus on understanding the impact of trauma on our daily lives and relationships.

Why Assertiveness Matters

Assertiveness is a crucial skill that enables us to communicate our needs, desires, and boundaries effectively. When we assert ourselves, we can defend our mental well-being and maintain healthy relationships in the workplace and beyond.

The Impact of Assertiveness in the Workplace

In the workplace, being assertive can lead to improved communication, increased productivity, and reduced stress. When we are assertive, we can express our needs and concerns clearly, leading to a more positive work environment.

Setting Boundaries for Mental Health

Learning to set boundaries is an essential part of self-care and mental well-being. When we establish boundaries, we protect ourselves from being overburdened, and we create space for self-care and personal growth.

The Role of Boundaries at Work

Effective boundary-setting at work can prevent burnout, reduce conflict, and promote a healthier work-life balance. By clearly defining our limits and expectations, we can cultivate a more positive and sustainable work environment.

Seeking Professional Support

While our October platform provides educational and supportive content, it's important to seek professional help when needed. If you have clinical needs, please contact a licensed healthcare provider. In emergencies, call your nearest emergency department or use our emergency button on the app.

Remember, learning to assert your needs is an ongoing journey, and it's okay to seek guidance and support along the way. We hope you'll join us for this important session and continue to prioritize your mental well-being at work and in all areas of your life.

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