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Goal Reflection For The New Year: Honoring Progress And Adjusting

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As we approach the new year, it's a great time to reflect on the goals we set for ourselves in the past year and to prepare for the year ahead. Join us for a reflective session where we will review our past year's goals, celebrate our achievements, learn from any setbacks, and set realistic new goals for the upcoming year.

Led by intern clinical psychologist, Katlego, this session aims to honor the progress we've made and also provide guidance for the year ahead. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and effort that has gone into pursuing our goals, and to consider what adjustments may be needed as we move forward.

Reflecting on the past year allows us to recognize and celebrate the milestones we've achieved, no matter how big or small. It's a chance to give ourselves credit for the progress we've made and to express gratitude for the steps we've taken towards our personal and professional growth.

In addition to celebrating our achievements, it's important to learn from any setbacks we may have encountered. By acknowledging the challenges we faced and understanding the lessons learned from them, we can use those experiences to inform our approach to setting new goals for the upcoming year.

Setting realistic new goals for the year ahead is a valuable part of the process. This involves assessing what we want to accomplish, considering the steps needed to reach those goals, and keeping in mind our mental health and well-being as key factors in our journey.

Remember, October's digital group support sessions are available to provide support and guidance on your mental health journey. Our goal is to ensure that you have the resources and support you need as you navigate the process of setting and achieving your goals.

So, let's come together for a session of reflection, celebration, and planning as we honor our progress, learn from our experiences, and set our sights on a new year filled with realistic and meaningful goals.

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