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Financial Transitions: Managing Changes In Wealth And Finances

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What we covered

Welcome to our upcoming Forest session, "Financial Transitions: Managing Changes in Wealth and Finances." This session offers a safe space to discuss the emotional impact of financial transitions and learn practical ways to manage and adapt to changes in wealth and financial situations.

Understanding Financial Transitions

Financial transitions can occur for various reasons, such as receiving an inheritance, experiencing a windfall, facing a job loss, or going through a divorce. These transitions can bring about a range of emotions, including anxiety, stress, guilt, and even excitement. It's essential to recognize and address the emotional impact of these changes.

Coping with Emotional Impact

During the session, we will explore techniques to cope with the emotional impact of financial transitions. Self-awareness, mindfulness, and emotional regulation strategies can be beneficial in managing the rollercoaster of emotions that often accompany financial changes.

Practical Ways to Manage Financial Changes

Our moderator, Pertunia, will share practical tips and tools to navigate financial transitions. This may include budgeting strategies, investment considerations, and seeking professional financial advice.

Holistic Well-Being

At October, we believe in holistic wellness, which includes mental, emotional, and financial well-being. It's important to understand the interconnected nature of our overall wellness and how financial changes can impact our mental health.

Supportive Resources

Remember that October provides educational and supportive content only and is not a replacement for professional advice. However, our digital group sessions, assessments, and curated content about mental health and wellness can be valuable resources as you navigate financial transitions.


We look forward to seeing you at the session! Together, we will explore the emotional impact of financial transitions and equip ourselves with practical tools to manage and adapt to changes in wealth and financial situations. If you have clinical needs, please contact a licensed healthcare provider for personalized support. See you at the Forest session!

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