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Creating Powerful New Habits: Breaking The Cycle Of Depression

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What we covered

Are you struggling to break free from the cycle of depression? Do you find it challenging to implement positive daily routines and behavioral changes that support your mental health? If so, join us for our upcoming Forest session, 'Breaking the Cycle of Depression: Creating Powerful New Habits.' This session is designed to provide effective strategies and insights for implementing new habits to support mental health and long-term recovery.

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Our featured speaker, Tal, is a Women's Wellness Specialist with a focus on Functional Medicine. Tal is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve emotional and physical well-being. In this session, she will share valuable insights and practical tips for creating powerful new habits that can help break the cycle of depression.


  • Understanding the Cycle of Depression
  • Identifying Negative Behavioral Patterns
  • Strategies for Implementing Positive Daily Routines
  • The Power of Small Changes for Big Impact
  • Behavioral Changes to Support Mental Health
  • Building Resilience and Long-Term Recovery

Why Attend?

This Forest session is tailored to provide you with actionable steps to support your mental health and well-being. By attending, you'll gain:

  • Practical strategies for implementing positive daily routines
  • Insights into how small changes can make a big impact on mental health
  • Behavioral changes that support long-term recovery
  • Tools to break free from the cycle of depression
  • Opportunity to connect with others on a similar journey

We look forward to seeing you at the session and supporting you on your path to emotional and physical well-being. Remember, while our session provides valuable educational and supportive content, it's important to seek help from a qualified professional for individual clinical needs.

Note: October also offers digital group sessions, assessments, and content about mental health. If you are interested in accessing more resources to support your mental health, feel free to explore the offerings available through October.

We hope to see you at the session as we work towards creating powerful new habits to break the cycle of depression and support our mental health journey.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey, and there are tools and support available to help you along the way.

Head over to the Live Forest now or browse more Archived Forest content in the library.

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New-release on the Panda Health mental well-being blog, news and company information


New-release on the Panda Health mental well-being blog, news and company information

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