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Alicia Wann

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1 day from now // 2024-07-26 19:00
The Friday Unwind: Break the Cycle of Overthinking
Is your mind working overtime? Learn practical strategies to escape the cycle of overthinking and to cultivate inner peace. Alicia is a licensed social worker and Certified Wellbeing and Yoga Coach with over 20 years experience in mental health and wellness. She is passionate about empowering others to connect with...

4 days from now // 2024-07-29 18:00
Unlocking Authenticity: How to Hear and Honor your Inner Voice
Explore techniques to break through internal and external critical voices that silence your true needs, desires and feelings. Expressing your true self with confidene]ce, allowing your authentic voice to resonate and guide you towards fulfillment and authenticity is within your reach! Alicia is a licensed social worker and Certified Wellbeing...