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1 week from now 2024-06-28 21:00

Open Line with Reoikantse

Join us for "Open Line with Reoikantse", a session designed for unwinding and relaxation. Escape the daily chaos, breathe deeply, and engage in meaningful conversations. Reo, a dedicated counselor specializing in trauma psychology, aims to promote understanding of suicidology and addiction while reducing stigma. Remember, the content provided in October is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional care. For clinical concerns, reach out to a licensed healthcare provider. In urgent situations, access emergency services or use the emergency button on the app.

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Reoikantse Shadi
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South Africa
United States of America
The Netherlands

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What will we cover?

**Unwinding and relaxation**
"Join 'Open Line with Reoikantse' for a session focused on unwinding and relaxation, allowing you to escape daily chaos and engage in meaningful conversations for a calming experience."
**Engaging in meaningful conversations**
"Engaging in meaningful conversations can provide a safe space for expressing thoughts and feelings, fostering connection and understanding."
**Reducing stigma around suicidology and addiction**
"Join 'Open Line with Reoikantse' to engage in open conversations led by a trauma psychology specialist, promoting understanding and reducing stigma around suicidology and addiction."
**Promoting understanding of mental health topics**
"Join 'Open Line with Reoikantse' to engage in meaningful conversations and promote understanding of mental health topics like suicidology and addiction."

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