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Parenting Practice Series | Peaceful Separation: Tools for an Amicable Divorce and Protecting Your Children

"In this Forest session, we will delve into effective co-parenting techniques, communication strategies, and emotional support methods to help children navigate and thrive through the divorce process and beyond. Our featured expert, Stella, brings over 22 years of experience in corporate finance and mediation practice, specializing in divorce agreements, maintenance agreements, and parenting plans. Join us for valuable insights and tools for a peaceful separation that prioritizes your children's well-being. Please remember that the information provided in October Health is for educational purposes and support only. It is important to seek help from a qualified professional for personalized advice, diagnosis, or treatment for any clinical needs."

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Caden De Villiers
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What will we cover?

Effective co-parenting techniques for peaceful separation.
This session provides valuable insights and tools from an experienced expert to support effective co-parenting during a peaceful separation.
Communication strategies to support children during divorce process.
This session offers valuable insights and tools to enhance communication with children during divorce, fostering their emotional well-being and understanding through the process.
Emotional support methods for children's well-being post-divorce.
This session offers insights and tools to provide emotional support for children's well-being post-divorce, helping them navigate and thrive through the process and beyond.
Insights and tools for amicable divorce prioritizing children's needs.
This session provides valuable insights and tools to navigate an amicable divorce, focusing on prioritizing the well-being of the children involved.