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1 week from now 2024-05-31 15:00

Cracking the Confidence Code

Join us for a transformative Forest session titled "Cracking the Confidence Code," where we delve into the factors that shape self-belief and activate inner confidence. Led by Lulama, a dedicated Psychosocial Support Counselor at Queerwell, this session aims to empower you to understand and enhance your self-assurance. Remember, the educational and supportive content from October Health is not a substitute for professional advice. In times of clinical need, please seek assistance from a licensed healthcare provider or utilize emergency services if necessary. Your mental well-being is paramount, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Lulama Mokoena
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South Africa
United States of America

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What will we cover?

Understanding factors that shape self-belief
This session helps by exploring the influences that contribute to shaping your self-belief.
Activating inner confidence
This "Cracking the Confidence Code" session helps by empowering individuals to understand and enhance their self-assurance through insightful guidance and support.
Enhancing self-assurance
This session helps enhance self-assurance by exploring the factors that shape self-belief and activating inner confidence through guided discussion and support.
Empowering individuals to boost self-belief
By exploring factors that shape self-belief, individuals can gain clarity and tools to enhance their confidence and self-assurance.

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