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Parenting in the digital age

Join our upcoming Forest session titled "Parenting in the Digital Age" to gain valuable insight and effective strategies for guiding your children safely through the complexities of modern technology. Our facilitator, Adam, brings a unique blend of expertise as a certified digital well-being educator with a background in UX design and extensive experience in Chinese tea culture. His goal is to equip you with the tools to prevent burnout and promote wellness within your family. Remember, while October offers educational and supportive resources, it is important to seek professional help when needed. In case of emergencies, please contact your nearest emergency department or utilize the emergency button on our app.

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Adam Yasmin
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South Africa
United States of America

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What will we cover?

Gain insight on guiding children in navigating modern technology safely.
This session will provide valuable strategies and insights to help parents guide their children safely through the challenges of the digital age.
Learn effective strategies for promoting wellness within your family.
This session helps by providing guidance on promoting wellness within your family through valuable insights and practical strategies tailored for parenting in the digital age.
Prevent burnout and prioritize digital well-being in your parenting.
Participating in the "Parenting in the Digital Age" Forest session helps parents prevent burnout and prioritize digital well-being by gaining valuable insights and effective strategies from a certified digital well-being educator and experienced facilitator.
Access tools to enhance your family's overall well-being and balance.
Join our Forest session "Parenting in the Digital Age" to access tools for promoting your family's well-being and balance in today's tech-driven world.

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