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World Drug Awareness day- My Journey with Addiction and How I Overcame It

Join us for a session led by Tendani in honor of World Drug Awareness Day. Tendani, an addiction counselor and journalist, will share her personal journey with addiction, highlighting the challenges faced and the path to recovery. About Tendani: Tendani Mulaudzi is an experienced addiction counselor with a focus on youth, recovery, and mental health. Her work centers on supporting individuals on their journey to wellness. Please remember that October Health offers educational and supportive content, not a substitute for professional guidance. If you have clinical needs, it's crucial to seek help from a licensed healthcare provider.

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Tendani Mulaudzi
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South Africa

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What will we cover?

Understanding addiction challenges.
This session provides personal insights and guidance from an experienced addiction counselor, Tendani, to help understand the challenges of addiction and the journey to recovery.
Finding inspiration for recovery.
Listening to Tendani's personal journey with addiction can provide inspiration and hope for those seeking recovery.
Learning from personal journey experiences.
This session helps with "Learning from personal journey experiences" by providing insight into overcoming addiction through Tendani's personal story and expertise.
Fostering hope and support for wellness.
This session provides a platform for individuals to find inspiration and encouragement in overcoming addiction, fostering hope and support for wellness.

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