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Child Protection Week | Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

"Join us for an informative session on empowering children through conversations about body safety and consent. Learn about identifying warning signs of abuse, creating safe environments, and accessing support resources. Meet Sarie Nell, an expert in child protection and mental health training. Remember, October Health provides educational content, not a substitute for professional help. Seek guidance from licensed healthcare providers for clinical needs."

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What will we cover?

Empowering children through body safety and consent conversations.
This session helps empower children by providing information on body safety and consent conversations to promote awareness and protection against abuse.
Identifying warning signs of child sexual abuse.
Attending this session will provide valuable insights and tools to recognize and address potential warning signs of child sexual abuse.
Creating safe environments for children.
Participating in this session helps educate caregivers and children on recognizing abuse warning signs, establishing boundaries, and accessing support services, ultimately creating safer environments for children.
Accessing support resources for child protection and mental health.
Attending the Forest session on child protection helps by providing valuable information on accessing support resources and guidance for protecting children's mental health and well-being.

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