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1 week from now 2024-08-01 20:00

Ending GBV: Men’s Crucial Role in Creating a Safer Society

This session explores masculinity, respectful relationships, challenging stereotypes, and supporting survivors to address gender-based violence. Join to discuss men's role in eradicating GBV and fostering respect and equality. Xavien Myles utilizes dance to empower youth and challenge societal norms on GBV. Remember, October offers educational content, but seek professional help when needed.

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Sizwe Savale
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South Africa
United States of America

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What will we cover?

Understanding masculinity and building respectful relationships.
This session helps by exploring masculinity and promoting respectful relationships through discussion and empowerment activities.
Challenging stereotypes and supporting survivors of gender-based violence.
This session aims to empower men and challenge societal norms through discussions on masculinity and respectful relationships, while also providing support for survivors of gender-based violence.
Discussing men's crucial role in eradicating GBV.
This session provides a space to explore and understand the importance of men in ending gender-based violence.
Empowering youth through dance to challenge societal norms.
Empowering youth through dance helps challenge societal norms by providing a creative outlet for self-expression and promoting critical thinking about gender-based violence.

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