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2 days from now 2024-06-27 10:00

Tech Tension: Managing Digital-Induced Anxiety

Join us in our Forest session "Tech Tension: Managing Digital-Induced Anxiety" where we will explore effective strategies to balance tech use for improved mental health. Our dedicated mental health professional will guide the discussion and provide valuable insights. Remember that the content shared is for educational purposes and not a substitute for professional advice. Prioritize your well-being by seeking help from licensed healthcare providers when needed. In case of emergencies, utilize the emergency button on our app or contact your nearest emergency department promptly.

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Tal Ardenbaum New
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South Africa
United States of America

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What will we cover?

Managing digital-induced anxiety through effective tech balance strategies.
This session helps by providing valuable insights and strategies to find a healthy balance with technology, reducing digital-induced anxiety.
Getting valuable insights from a dedicated mental health professional.
This session provides guidance and strategies from a mental health professional to help manage digital-induced anxiety effectively.
Prioritizing well-being by seeking help from licensed healthcare providers.
Attending the "Tech Tension: Managing Digital-Induced Anxiety" Forest session can encourage participants to prioritize well-being by seeking professional help if needed.
Utilizing emergency resources promptly in case of urgent situations.
Attending "Tech Tension: Managing Digital-Induced Anxiety" can offer insights on managing tech-related anxiety and remind participants of the importance of utilizing emergency resources promptly in urgent situations.

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