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Global Event

International Youth Day

on 2024-08-12 (5 months from now)

International Youth Day is observed annually on August 12th globally and around the world to celebrate the engagement, empowerment, and contributions of young people to society. It is a day to raise awareness about the challenges and issues that youth face, promote their rights, and highlight the importance of investing in their well-being and development. Various events and activities are organized to encourage and support the leadership and creativity of young people as they strive to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

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How to recognize International Youth Day at work?

Promote mental wellness
International Youth Day helps promote mental wellness by raising awareness about the mental health challenges faced by young people worldwide and by encouraging conversations about how to support and empower youth's mental well-being. It also provides a platform for youth to share their experiences, seek support, and advocate for policies that prioritize mental health resources and services for young individuals.
Offer professional development workshops
International Youth Day provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of supporting the professional development of young people. By offering professional development workshops on this day, youth can enhance their skills, knowledge, and confidence, ultimately preparing them for successful careers.
Volunteer in youth-centered events
International Youth Day raises awareness about the importance of empowering and supporting young people, which in turn encourages more engagement and participation in youth-centered events. By celebrating the potential and contributions of young individuals, it inspires volunteers to dedicate their time and efforts towards creating meaningful opportunities for youth development and advocacy.
Provide resources for career advancement
International Youth Day helps provide resources for career advancement by raising awareness about the importance of investing in the professional development of young people. It also encourages the creation of programs and opportunities that support youth in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for their career growth.
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